Q - How does Exoneuro work?

A - Six dry electrodes located on the inner side of the headset register brain signals and then transmit data to the connected device (PC, Smartphone).

Q - What can I achieve with Exoneuro?

A - Our headset helps you restore the alpha rhythm (resting rhythm) and normal metabolism of the brain and its functional reserves.

Q - How do I start using the headset?

A - Slightly shake the headset to activate it. Once the status indicator blinks green occasionally, it is ready for use. Put it on and connect to the software within 15 min of activation.

Q - Can I connect the headset to my smartphone?

A - Yes, you can connect Exoneuro to any device that supports BLE-4.0 protocol.

Q - Are training sessions available only in English?

A - Currently yes, but we are looking into adding new languages in the new future.